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Why do so many people choose fresh air ventilation units?
The fresh air ventilation unit is a new type of environmental protection appliance that keeps the indoor air clean and fresh at all times.
Filter ball valve and globe valve maintenance is especially important for fan coil units
Filter ball valve and globe valve maintenance is especially important for fan coil units
After reading this article, your customer will know how important the fresh air system is to him!
A fresh air system is an independent air handling system composed of an air supply system and an air exhaust system. It is divided into ducted fresh air systems and ductless fresh air systems.
Gaseous chemical contaminant test and pollutant source analysis of semiconductor wafer clean-rooms
[Abstract] Taking the test results of gaseous chemical contaminants in a newly built semiconductor wafer clean-room in China as an example, adopts the method of combining long-term online detection with field measurement to analyse the change of indoor po
Application status and prospect of residential heat pump heating technology in the Yangtze River Basin
Abstract : In recent years, the demand for heating of residential buildings in the Yangtze River Basin has been increasing, and the related heating technology has been paid more attention. Based on the climatic characteristics. building envelopes and heat
Design optimization of chilled water system of Hualong No. 1 electric plant
Abstract Presents the design function of the chilled water (WEC) system of Hualong No. electric plant. Analyses from the two aspects of start-stop switching between water-cooled and air-cooled units, and protection against external disasters Proposes a
Common cause failure analysis and countermeasures for HVAC systems in nuclear power plants
Abstract According to the study of relevant regulations, standards and good practices at home and abroad, discusses the types and typical countermeasures of common cause failures, and summarizes the common cause failure analysis method, process and counte
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