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Types and Models of Fan Coil Units
Situations Suitable for Different Types of Fan Coil Units
HAVC fan coil unit filter cleaning
Is the main water pipe between the fan coil and the main air conditioner as short as possible?
Air Source Heat Pump Sells Well In European Market
Driven by the stimulus policy of continuous energy shortage and high subsidies in Europe, the demand for air-source heat pumps in Europe is strong.
What’s the difference between a fresh air exchanger and a fan coil unit?
A fresh air exchanger is designed and developed according to the principle that a “fresh air flow field” will be formed in a closed room when air is supplied on one side and induced on the other.
Remind your customers to pay attention to these four points when installing fresh air units
Why do many newly renovated families feel that the installation of the home fresh air system has little effect? I tell you the answer.
European natural gas pipeline leaks and HAVC system is used for heating in cold winter
This kind of green heating equipment with low energy consumption and high efficiency solves the problem of heating in winter due to insufficient natural gas and electric energy.
What is the working principle of the air conditioner?
The air conditioning processing unit is suitable for: precision machinery factory, textile workshop, GMP pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory, food factory, purified water workshop, hospital operating room, ICU and other occasions.
Fresh Air Units Radically Improve Indoor Comfort
Your customers can install a fan coil unit in each room at the same time as installing the fresh air unit so that each room can save energy and comfort.
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