7 Production Systems, 53 Experimental Tests, 235 Quality Inspection Links, and Support for Third-Party Factory Inspections.
Design & R&D Customized Products

Personalized Fan Coils

Customized-Made Chillers

Customized Air Conditioning Units

Customized Air Curtain Machines

Air Source Heat Pump Laboratory

Air Source Heat Pump and Main Unit Enthalpy Difference Testing Laboratory.

Verify if the chiller can meet your specific engineering cooling capacity needs in challenging ambient temperatures.

Data Testing Lab
Thoroughly assess the performance and specifications of all fan coil units, including noise levels, efficiency, cooling capacity, operational stability, and other relevant factors.
One Stop Shop HVAC Supplier
One Stop Shop HVAC Supplier
Heating in a low-temperature environment of -35°C and refrigerated in a high-temperature environment of 50°C
CAD Design Drawing for HVAC System
Fast Delivery, Factory Support, Free Sample Testing
Customized HVAC Building Plans
Various Fan Coil Mold Customization
Environmentally friendly refrigerants: R32, R290
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